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Apply for a Credit Card Now - Enter Here!

Bad/NO Credit & Bankruptcy O.K.

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Credit Cards for Bad Credit!

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Getting a secured credit card may be ideal for people who are re-establishing or establishing solid credit worthiness. Here are answers to 10 questions on secured credit cards -- what is a secured credit card, how does it work, where to find one, and things to watch out for.
7 questions to ask when choosing a secured credit card By Dana Dratch. If you're shopping for a secured card, chances are you're anything but secure about your credit.
Answers to commonly asked questions about the Capital One Secured MasterCard credit card.
Do you have questions about the UNITY Visa and secured credit cards? Please review our FAQs page to learn how the UNITY Visa card can help you solidify your credit.
I really dont understand how a secured credit card will really help someones credit if it's been badly dameged. First off you get a line of credit you have to put down a depsoit for that credit. so lets say you want a 500 dollar limit you have to put down 500 dollars.
Business Secured Credit Card Questions Open All | Close All. General questions. How is the Wells Fargo Business Secured Credit Card different from other business credit cards?
A secured credit card requires that you deposit money with the issuing bank, and the bank will issue a credit card in the same amount for your use.
Unlike regular credit cards, a secured credit card is a little different and when it comes down to applying for one, there are a few things that you should look out for before sending in all of your information via the internet or mail.
Re: Secured Credit Card Questions. If you have one, you can answer my questions for me :D
5 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Secured Card : By Eva Norlyk Smith Ph.D. September 26, 2012: SHARE. Tweet: If you have bad credit, you may have seen advertisements for cards designed just for people like you — secured cards.
Answer A secured credit card is a card that a bank issues that gives them an interest in either your savings account or a certificate of deposit.
Top 5 Questions To Ask When Getting A Secured Credit Card. You may have heard the term "secured credit card" at some point in your search for a credit card in order to establish or rebuild your credit, two well-known benefits these cards provide.
What are the fees? A secured credit card may have application fees, processing fees, and annual fees. As with other credit cards, the fees for a secured credit card are disclosed in the credit card offer and the card's terms and conditions.
Get your credit life back in order with a secured credit card by reviewing a qualified company to help you build your poor credit
We arranged sections of our website to give you answers to all questions related to secured credit cards: ... How can I get a secured credit card? Additional information about financial terminology. More advice on getting and keeping good credit.
Secured Visa Card Frequently Asked Questions ... A. With a prepaid card, your payment activity is not reported to the three major credit bureaus.
We will place the deposit in a GIC account which will serve as collateral for the Secured Credit Card. How do I get a Secured MasterCard Card? ... please see the question "Can I add to my GIC account to increase my credit limit?"? How do I close my account?
Published: October 12, 2002. Questions & Answers About Secured Credit Cards. This booklet gives in-depth background about secured credit cards, including how to find cards, features to avoid, costs and fees and how to successfully graduate to an unsecured credit card.

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